Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Regain Your Youthful Health By Balancing Your Hormone Levels

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Hormones are an essential component of a healthy life, but when they’re imbalanced, they impact everything, from your job and family to your diet, fitness, and sex life. Even the smallest shift in your hormones can cause side effects throughout your entire body.For both men and women, hormones naturally decrease with age. This may result in uncomfortable and problematic symptoms such as weight gain, loss of energy, loss of mental clarity, irritability, and loss of libido. With advancements in Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), you now have a choice to retake control of both your body and mind.


What Is HRT?

Hormone Replacement Therapy is a systemic technique to combat the effects of aging. The human body performs countless internal functions every second and hormones facilitate the vital progress of these processes.As we age, we may have more difficulty maintaining healthy bones, muscle mass, and libido. HRT could be the perfect boost your body needs. It doesn’t actually involve the direct replacement of a hormone, rather it’s the process of adding additional hormones where there is a deficiency. HRT is a medical treatment offered to both men and women. At California Contour Clinic, helping people feel their best and healthiest is our primary objective. For many of our clients, receiving hormone replacement therapy is the driving factor to improving their daily lives and well-being.


Benefits of Hormone Replacement

Aging affects people in different ways. That is why each body craves an individualized approach to the forces that mature them. Some of the benefits of HRT are as simple as increased vitality, but they can be profound as well.

- Increased libido and sexual performance
- Overall increased sense of well-being
- More energy and stamina
- Decreased anxiety, irritability, and depressionIncreased bone density
- Relief of hot flashes for women
- Reduced brain fog
- Greater physical strength
- Help keep and create lean muscle
- Better hair and skin


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Female Symptoms 

During your individualized consultation, a Doctor will assess your symptoms to determine your eligibility for HRT.

Schedule A Personal Consultation.


How California Contour Clinic HRT Program Works:

1. Your Complimentary Consultation

We begin by talking with you and listening. You’ll have questions and so will we. From there, we will help you make an informed decision, mapping out the best course of action together.

2. New Client Form

Filling out our New Client Form is the next step. It takes just a couple of minutes, and helps us to set up your California Contour Clinic account. Then we’ll ask you to complete a brief Health History.

3. Lab Work + Results Review

Once your California Contour Clinic account is established, we’ll order your lab work. You’ll have your blood drawn at a location near your home or work, and we’ll review your results with you in detail once we have them

4. Visit California Contour Clinic

After we’ve reviewed your lab results with you and answered all your questions, we’ll schedule an appointment for you with one of our specialists.

5. We Build Your Custom California Contour Clinic Program

From here, your California Contour Clinic plan takes shape. The program will be tailored to fit your unique needs and lifestyle.

6. In-Clinic Treatments or Self-Administered At Home

Your treatment program may include medications, supplements, and injections along with suggestions for a healthier lifestyle. All is done on your time, and some treatments may be carried out in the comfort of your home.

7. You Begin Seeing Results

This is where you get back to being you, but it doesn’t end here. Your treatment plan will include monitoring and regular follow-ups. We’ll be with you every step of the way. Anytime you need us, we’re just a phone call away

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Hormone replacement therapy 

Annual Memberships Available

New Patient Hormone or Peptide Therapy Package | $999
New Patient Hormone or Peptide Therapy Package | $999

New Patient Hormone or Peptide Therapy Package | $999

New Patient Hormone or Peptide Therapy Package